Bear of the Week: Possy Flowerumi Bear

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Possy is a real cutie. In a sort of laid-back way, she's the perfect friend for any little person or any bear-lover of any age! This pretty bear is suggested for small children, because of her smaller size. Possy was designed in my classic “pillowy” Amigurumi-style with the characteristic blooming hairdo of the Flowerumi, to make her really more lovable.

Her pastel colors and manageable size make her the ideal, soothing toy for a baby or toddler's crib or playpen! She can start in the nursery with your little one and then be given to her first baby as a treasured buddy and family heirloom!

  • Size: Posy is 10" tall x 6" wide
  • Skill: Advanced beginner to Intermediate
  • Price: $3.50 USD

Delivered by email. Please furnish an email address that will now bounce back the delivery of your electronic goods. Please allow 24 hours for delivery of your pattern.
If you would like to purchase Possy, please, click on the link below:

Pattern available only from Monday through Thursday, weekly.
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New Flowerumi Bears!

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My flowerumi bears struck a chord of love in many. And I have been asked over and over again, to share the patterns. I designed my Flowerumi as exclusive bears, so I cannot share the original desings of all those beloved bears.
I have decided to make new ones to share the patterns, and these too will be exclusive in the sense that they are made especially to give you, bear lovers, an opportunity to make these cute and lovable little bears whose hair is made up by flowers and e working on designs that are new, fresh and not owned by others yet.
Stay tuned!
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It was a hard day, unusual for his toddler life. Today he was sitting on the high chair facing a tough challenge: Peas! Mommy wasn't in the mood to play teaspoon airlplane and he wimpered terribly as his chubby little hands waved in the air for the comfort of his favorite stuffed toy. The comfort of a stuffed animal is wonderful. It can turn a tearful lunch of hated peas into giggles and smiles as mommy tries to feed baby's favorite toy a small bite of his hated peas in between teaspoonfuls to him, peas won't taste so bad then...
What are FLOWERUMI? They are special, crocheted stuffed bears in the Amigurumi style. I call them Flowerumi because flowers form their "hair." I came up with these cute little bears. They are all darling ladies. Each one has a personality and a face all her own. They are handmade from start to finish, and are not repeated. Each one is unique and one-of-a-kind. The design is mine and I give each one its unique look, so that is really no bear like one of these bears.

These are some of my beautiful bears.

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