Jelly Bean Flowerumi Bear

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Jellybean is a baby Flowerumi bear, and because of it, I chose tomake her legs a bit different from the regular bears I make. Her muzzle is also different, so that it will accept a pacifier.

The pattern for the pacifier is also included.

Like many of my bears and toys, Jellybean is an economical toy to make, she is a wonderful "scrap'buster"!
  • Size: From ear to foot, she is 13" long x 9" wide.
  • Skill: Intermediate to Advanced 
  • Price: $3.50 USD
Even though the pattern is relatively easy to make, I would not want a beginner to have disappointing results!Pattern delivered in PDF format by email. Please allow 24 hours for delivery of your electronic goods. Please furnish an email address that will not bounce back your delivery. Thank you!

If you would like to purchase the pattern to make this cute little bear that will be a treat to any little "mother" please click on the link below:

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